Supervised Ride and Kiteboard coaching in NYC

Ride under the supervision of certified instructors is a great option for intermediate kiteboarders that need more water time to improve skills and confidence. Our helmets are equipped with a radio system that makes coaching easier and safer for students. No panic! Easy instructions and skills correction while in the water. 

*Kite, board and harness not included. Equipment Rental available upon request*

Student Transportation Fee: $40.00  per person
Supervised ride/hour: $99.00  per hour  (1 way radio, life vest, helmet included)
Supervised package: $299.00  3 hours   (two way radio, life vest, helmet included)

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*Equipment Rental available upon request*

*Students that need transportation shall request this service upon scheduling lessons. Home pickup/dropoff is not available. Pickup/dropoff location will be determined according to individual's location and driving route. Please call for details.*

**No Refunds on Supervised coaching and transportation fees!**