Intermediate/Advanced Package 2

Intermediate/Advanced Package 2

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To enroll for Intermediate and Advanced lessons, candidates shall successfully complete the Full Kiteboard Package or show proof of having completed equivalent course with a certified school or independent certified instructor. In the absence of both, NY Kiteboard will perform an evaluation test to verify flying, riding and safety knowledge. Qualified candidates will be allowed to enroll for Intermediate and Advanced lessons and/or rent equipment from the school. Intermediate and Advanced Lessons are designed to further develop candidates' kiteboarding skills. Our private lessons with our expert instruction is proven to speed up the learning curve. Our goal is to improve flying technique, leading to greater control and a higher degree of competence.As candidates fine-tune in their flying skills, they progress to advanced riding and moves naturally.

*All Packages include equipment*. (kite, board, harness, and 1 way helmet/radio)

6 hours Package 2:

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Regular Season Price = US$699.00 

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