2015 1X Quickloop Control System


2015 1X Quickloop Control System

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The 2015 Cabrinha 1X QuickLoop™ Security System is a fixed length control bar featuring Cabrinha's all new QuickLoop™ opening harness loop. QuickLoop™ is an opening harness loop connection designed to work specifically with Cabrinha's 1X single line flagging security system. QuickLoop's™ defining feature is its ridiculously simple operation of the 1X security system. Upon activation of 1X's single line flagging system, the power of a kite is immediately killed and it will rest motionless on the water or land. The incredibly easy reconnection of the QuickLoop™ harness loop is now the new benchmark in the industry for simplicity. The all new Cabrinha 1X QuickLoop™ security system now has a cleaner method to manage the 1X security line. Cabrinha has removed the external 8 meters of security line to create a simplified lower V connection. The 1X line stopper is integrated into the centerline adjustment strap.


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Contra (Kite Only) Contra (Kite Only)
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Switchblade (Kite Only) Switchblade (Kite Only)
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Drifter (Kite Only) Drifter (Kite Only)
(Size: 7m, Color: Blue)
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Drifter (Kite Only) Drifter (Kite Only)
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Chaos (Kite Only) Chaos (Kite Only)
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